Like a q-tip for your dryer vent

Frequent vent cleanings can help prevent fires and frustration

Keep Vents Clean and Clear

Wondering why your dryer isn’t what it used to be? Before you spend hundreds on a new one, let us transform the one you have. One quick cleaning can have your old dryer running like new again.


We take every job seriously. No matter how big or how small it is. Our professional promise is that we will complete your project to the highest standard or we'll come back and fix it for free.


We understand that maintaining clean vents isn't just about energy savings. It's about protecting you and your family. We take that responsibility to heart and do our utmost to keep you and your loved ones safe.


Our approach to each project is to maximize the value we bring to our clients and to always provide clear and honest communication. No games and no guess work.

Prevent fire hazards

Regular vent cleanings can help reduce the build up of combustible material, making your home safer and less likely to suffer fire damage.

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Eliminate mold

Not many people think of their dryer vents as being a haven for mold. However, dirty vents can allow mold to grow, undetected, causing potentially serious health risks.

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Avoid carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide posioning is known as the silent killer, because it is nearly undectable to humans. Clogged vents can prevent carbon monoxide from escaping which is dangerous to your health.

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Increase efficiency

If your clothes just don't seem to get as dry as they used to, it may be because your vents are not allowing proper air flow. Schedule a cleaning to bring your dryer back up to its fullest potential.

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Extended dryer life

A clean and clear vent can help extend your dryers lifetime by allowing maximum efficiency and optimal conditions.

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Feeling Frustrated? 
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See how a vent cleaning can help keep you safe and sane.
Mention this promotion when you schedule your first appointment
Mention this promotion when you schedule your first appointment