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Top quality cleaning

Dread dusting? Terrified of toilet bowls? Our premiere maid service will help keep your house or office space sparkling clean so you can enjoy an inviting space to work or unwind.


Our cleaners pride themselves on their professional demeanor, appearance, and service. You'll understand what makes us different when you see their character and integrity in their work.


Professional cleaning shouldn't be a luxury only a few people can afford. Wether it's your house, office, storefront, or rental property, we'll ensure you get top-quality service at a price you can afford.


The quality of our services is of the utmost importance. If you're not happy with our work, we'll come back and fix it, free of charge!

Disinfecting and sanitizing

Our specially trained, cleaners use CDC-approved solutions and disinfecting foggers to sanitize all surfaces.

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Apartment cleaning

Even small spaces can call for big clean ups. We apply the same care and attention to apartments and condominiums as we do larger homes. We also offer special pricing to groups of 3 or more residents in the same apartment complex who sign up for regular cleanings.

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House cleaning

From small cottages to multi-level mansions, we won't stop until every house on the block is clean. Customize your cleaning plan to exactly what you need. From kitchens and baths, to dusting and vacuuming, to laundry and bedding, we can do it all.

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Deep cleaning

Spaces that sparkle on the surface may not be as clean as you think. Our deep cleaning services are designed to tackle the dirt and grime that can build up in the hardest to reach places. Talk to one of our experts, today about scheduling a deep clean for your space.

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Vacation rental cleaning

When you want to wow guests, the first thing you need is an inviting, clean space. Our vacation and rental cleaning services ensure your unit makes a good impression.

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Move-in/out cleaning

Wether your leaving a rental unit for the next tenants, or getting ready to move into a new space, we'll help prepare a clean and sanitary environment.

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Post-construction cleaning

Construction messes are particularly dirty. Once the dust settles, the last thing you need is a big clean-up on your hands. Let us come in an put the finishing touches on any construction job that will make the new look even more impressive.

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We don't stop at broom and mop

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Mention this promotion when you schedule your first appointment
Mention this promotion when you schedule your first appointment